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vaginal discharge



The body of a female is designed to persist and bear the worst of the worst. This is why it is rightly said that women might not be physically strong but they are very strong mentally. The decision-making and analyzing skills of women are very rigid and well thought of. From the difficulties that women have to face, one such problem or discomfort is vaginal discharge.

The females of the society have always been expected to behave as a puppet in front of the societal norms and suppress their will in the name patriarchy. This is not new, it has been followed for hundreds of years. Suppression of women is how the men make themselves satisfied to be the controller.

For example – the age-old tradition of Sati has been a horrific custom against womanhood. The tradition expected a woman to die with the burning pier of the husband in the belief that there is no identity or need for the woman to live after the death of her husband. Basically, women were burned alive in the name of tradition.

The natural process of menstruation is the most tormenting time of the month for women, especially in India. It is not so because of the discomfort or the pain it brings in, but the societal behaviour and reactions for the same.

Women were treated as untouchables during that time of the month and were excluded from the normal workings of the household for 3 to 4 days. However, with changing times and mindset of people this has somehow reduced. Also, women are much more empowered and educated now to fall into such patriarchal traps.

Since we are talking about menstruation, let us also talk about the functioning of the vagina and the sudden vaginal discharge that women suffer from. These vaginal discharges act as an indicator of whether the functioning of the body is normal or not.


A vaginal discharge is an indication of healthy body functioning provided the discharge is normal and bearable. Generally, the discharge is white with a sticky and watery texture which may have a distinctive odour of its own.

The normal discharge that all women have is white vaginal discharge. This colour indicates the normal functioning of the body.


Vaginal discharge causes are nothing major to be worried about. The white vaginal discharge in the body in a normal amount is a part of the normal functioning of the vagina. Our body is skillfully designed to take care of hygiene and protect the body parts. The vagina is also said to be an intimate area and is very important for it to stay healthy as the entire normal functioning of women depends on it.

  • The occurrence of vaginal discharge is the body’s way to keep the vagina clean and healthy. So, this causes vaginal discharge in the body.
  • Also, it is possible to experience the discharge in a normal amount or more during the ovulation time or due to sexual arousal.
  • Dysfunctioning in the body like some kind of anxiety, stress, or pressure may also lead to vaginal discharge.
  • Infections can also cause vaginal discharge. However, during the infections, the amount of discharge is pretty heavy and irregular with changing colours of yellow and green.


We often wonder that, is vaginal discharge normal. It is not something many women find comfortable to talk about and just goes through everything with arising and suppressing doubts in the mind. So, let us tell everyone that vaginal discharge is normal. However, we may see different colours of the discharge having different meanings, which are:

  • White – The white vaginal discharge is very normal and ensures the healthy functioning of the vagina. The white discharge is a way in which the vagina keeps itself clean and protected from any germs.
  • Yellow or Green – This coloured discharge is often followed by an unpleasant smell. This is an indication of some infections in the vagina.
  • Red or Brown – The red discharge is generally during the periods followed by brown coloured spotting usually seen towards the end of the periods. However, the red and brown spottings can mean different things as well depending on their arrival. The spotting may indicate pregnancy or miscarriage along with the rare case of cervical cancer too. So, if the spotting is unusual or different, we must immediately consult with a doctor.


We very well know that nature has its own course. Be it with the climate or weather changes, or the structure and function of the body. Everything has a meaningful meaning which should not be ignored or overlooked.

For example – the occurrence of hair in intimate areas is present and vital to protect the person from possible diseases and dirt that might enter into the body and cause a lot of trouble. Similarly, vaginal discharge is nature’s way of cleaning the area of the body with possible germs or infections.

We must not try to change the normal functioning, however, if we see some difference with the functioning of the body we must consult with a doctor.


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