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leukorrhea vs normal discharge



leukorrhea vs normal discharge? Despite popular belief, vaginal discharge is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s necessary to protect the female genitalia. It’s a protective mechanism wherein the vagina secretes a mixture of fluids, lubricants and cells that the cervix and vagina produce to protect the vagina from external harm.

It maintains the typical environment of the vagina and prevents infections. Vaginal discharge can be used to detect any genital infections or diseases, it can also help in detecting endometrial cancer.

There is always a lot of confusion about what is healthy discharge and what is abnormal. The amount, texture and colour can help in understanding if your discharge is normal or not. Leukorrhea is the vaginal discharge that is secreted when you’re ovulating or before pregnancy. If you want to know in detail about leukorrhea vs normal discharge, this article will tell you all you need to know!


Vaginal discharge is the secretion of fluids, lubricants and cells by the cervix and vagina that shields the vagina from infections and germs. The natural environment of the vagina is slightly acidic and the vaginal secretions help the vagina to maintain this acidic environment. Any shift in the natural pH level or environment of the vagina can provoke infections diseases. It is healthy and every menstruating person secretes vaginal discharge.

Menstruation is also helpful in understanding whether your vagina is producing a healthy discharge or not. Before and after a menstruation cycle, the discharge is ordinarily white or clear and thin or sticky. During a menstrual cycle, there may be vaginal secretion, it can be of distinct amounts for every person and none in some. It is red in colour and typically watery and odourless.


Vaginal discharge is helpful in understanding the health of your genitals and reproductive glands. The colour, amount, odour and texture of the vaginal discharge can help you detect symptoms of diseases and infections that your vagina has contracted. Any sudden alteration in the usual colour, consistency and odour is alarming.

Here is what different colours of the vaginal discharge can tell you about your health:

  1. White or clear: White or clear discharge is a sign of a healthy vagina, however, various consistencies and odours can mean different things.
  • Opaque white and strong-smelling discharge with clumpy consistency is a sign of a yeast infection.
  • White or clear and sticky, faint smelling or odourless discharge is the sign of ovulation or healthy discharge before pregnancy. This is called leukorrhea discharge.
  • White or clear watery and odourless discharge is a normal discharge that the vagina secrets before and after a menstrual cycle.
  1. Yellow or Green: A yellow or greenish vaginal discharge is an indication that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and need immediate medical counsel and treatment.(1)
  2. Red: Red discharge is the natural discharge secreted during a menstrual cycle, it is watery and odourless.
  3. Brown: Brown discharge is an indication of endometrial or cervical cancer. You should seek immediate medical consultation if your vagina secretes brown discharge.
  4. Gray: Gray discharge is a sign of bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection in your vagina. Seeking immediate medical counsel is the best to avoid discomfort and pain in the future.
  5. Pink: Pink discharge is secreted during vaginal bleeding or constant irritation in the vagina. It is normal if you’re spotting during pregnancy or ovulating, but the pink vaginal discharge can be unhealthy if there is implantation bleeding and should be treated soon.


Not many people know how to differentiate between regular discharge and leukorrhea, not many know they are different either! Leukorrhea and normal discharges are both healthy discharges and a change in their colour or consistency can help you detect infections and diseases. Here is how you differentiate between normal discharge and leukorrhea:

Leukorrhea Vs Normal Discharge

  1. Leukorrhea: Leukorrhea is a healthy secretion that occurs either before pregnancy or while you’re ovulating. It is stretchy and sticky and either clear, white or pale yellow. It is odourless and thin. Leukorrhea is produced due to a peak in progesterone production and that is why during pregnancy, the quantity of leukorrhea can increase because of pregnancy hormones.
  2. Normal Discharge: Normal discharge is secreted before and after a complete menstrual cycle. It is secreted when the estrogen amount in the body is at its peak. It is usually white or clear and watery. It is odourless usually, but for some women, it can have a faint smell. White discharge that is supplemented by irritation or foul smell is not normal and is an indication of yeast infection. The amount of discharge can vary depending on your menstrual cycle and the measure of estrogen in the body.


Vaginal discharge is a healthy secretion that the cervix and the vagina produce as a protective mechanism against external harm to the vagina and its natural environment. There is a lot of confusion among menstruating women about leukorrhea vs normal discharge.

This is because of a lack of awareness and improper menstrual health education. Leukorrhea and regular discharge are both healthy secretions, the varying factor between them is that leukorrhea is produced during a menstrual cycle and regular discharge is produced before and after a menstrual cycle. Both of them can act as symptoms when there is a notable difference.


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