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leukorrhea treatment tips



leukorrhea treatment tips



leukorrhea treatment tips? More than 25% of women in the global population complain of leukorrhea. Leukorrhea or Leucorrhea is a vaginal disorder characterized by the flow of a whitish or yellowish discharge from the vaginal. The color of the discharge might be greenish as well indicating vaginal infection.

The source of this kind of discharge may be the vagina, ovaries, fallopian tube, or cervix. More often than not, the cervix is the most common source of these vaginal discharges. Leukorrhea which is associated with white discharge is not unnatural. It is seen in pregnant women and also adolescent girls as an odorless and watery white liquid.

When the discharge has a foul odor accompanied by symptoms like inflammation, itching, or pain, then it becomes a matter of concern as these are symptoms of underlying ailments.

Leukorrhea is not a very serious disease. That being said, attempts at self-medication are unadvised. A doctor can prescribe the best course of treatment to solve the problem effectively. He might even suggest some home remedies to reduce the symptoms of leukorrhea significantly.

Read ahead to find some useful leukorrhea treatment tips that might help you get rid of it in about a week or so.


Leukorrhea might be the result of multiple factors. It is usually a natural occurrence in adolescent girls and pregnant women who suffer from an imbalance of the reproductive hormone called estrogen. The other worrisome and possible causes of leukorrhea are:

  • Physical weakness
  • Infections
  • Yeast infection
  • Poor hygiene
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Cancer


Mild leukorrhea is a natural phenomenon in women. Concerning thicker discharges with a stench and which are yellowish and greenish imply the signs of vaginal infection. These leukorrhea home remedies might prove to be beneficial in dealing with it.

  1. Cleaning the vagina and the surrounding area with freshly squeezed lemon juice and water is very useful in getting rid of white discharge.
  2. Ladyfinger when consumed raw is one of the best remedies for leukorrhea. Consuming a slightly steamed lady finger also works in case raw lady finger is difficult to eat.
  3. Ripe bananas work very well in the treatment of leukorrhea
  4. Drinking unsweetened fresh Cranberry juice every day is a great home remedy for getting rid of white discharge
  5. Soak coriander in water overnight. Strain this water and drink it on an empty stomach every day. This is a very effective home remedy for treating leucorrhea.
  6. Soaking or boiling fenugreek seeds in boiling water and drinking it daily can help get rid of leucorrhea.
  7. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C and multiple other nutrients. Consumption of amla regularly can not only boost immunity significantly but also helps in treating problems related to leukorrhea.
  8. Tulsi is a multipurpose household remedy for a lot of ailments. Therefore it helps in getting rid of leukorrhea as well. It can be consumed either directly or with other substances like milk or honey.
  9. Drinking water in which rice is boiled or rice starch is great for treating recurrent cases of leucorrhea.
  10. You can also try to boil guava leaves in water and drink that water every day to alleviate itching and burning sensations experienced due to vaginal discharges.

Even though the leukorrhea home remedies mentioned above might seem to be pretty straightforward and harmless, they should be only opted for after consulting a doctor.


In terms of Unani medicine, Leukorrhea is called Sailan-ur-rahem. The reasons which cause leukorrhea are not easy to identify and therefore it might be difficult to treat as well from its root. Therefore some prevention tips for leukorrhea should be kept in mind:

  • Maintaining personal hygiene is of paramount importance. The genitals should be carefully washed during bath and dried thoroughly afterward to prevent any excess moisture retention there. In absence of soap, one must make sure to use plenty of water to clean the vulva and the anus. Cleaning and drying the vagina after urination is also important.
  • Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and to lose toxins from the body in the form of metabolic wastes.
  • In case of severe leukorrhea where the discharge is profuse
  • Avoid eating mushrooms
  • Excessive spicy food must be restricted as well
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol
  • Curd should be incorporated into the diet since it contains lactic acid which helps in treating leukorrhea. Besides this curd is also a rich source of probiotics which help in the better digestion of food.
  • Always clean undergarments should be worn
  • Wet clothes due to rain, sweating or any other reason must be changed as soon as possible
  • Avoid wearing undergarments made of Nylon. These materials should be especially avoided in summer because they can lead to sweating in the genital area. Cotton is the best choice for undergarments to avoid infections.
  • Applying cosmetic products like powder or anything containing chemicals in the genital area should be avoided
  • Regular exercise is a great way to keep the reproductive hormone levels in check and it also helps in curbing anxiety.
  • Birth control pills should be stopped temporarily in case of mushy vaginal discharge
  • Taking precautions during sexual intercourse reduces the risks of vaginal infections significantly
  • A healthy diet should be maintained to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Often leukorrhea is a cause of poor immunity of the body.


Sometimes leukorrhea can be considered as a sign of puberty when it occurs in teenage girls. The above-mentioned leukorrhea treatment tips are proven to be effective. But a doctor should always be consulted before taking any step to treat leukorrhea as the underlying reasons leading to it are different.

Some of the leukorrhea home remedies might even aggravate the problem and hence precautions should be taken.


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