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Leukorrhea side effects



Leukorrhea side effects? Do you know what the white discharge from the female vagina is? What does this discharge indicate? How does this discharge help the female body? Are Leukorrhea’s side effects normal? This white discharge is known as Leukorrhea. Hear this word for the first time?

This white discharge is experienced by every female. So, don’t worry if you are having a vaginal discharge. But you need to worry when this discharge becomes abnormal and has side effects on you. Now, your mind must be filled with many questions. We get it and it is normal. Read this article to know what is vaginal discharge known as and what are their side effects?


It is a discharge from the vagina which is whitish and has no smell. This discharge can be normal but also can be an indication of infection (mostly in the case when there is a yellowish or greenish discharge).

The discharge can be from the vagina, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, or the cervix. Don’t consider Leukorrhea as a disease. It is normal and every female experience it. Having this type of discharge is most common at the times of the menstrual cycle. The discharge may indicate that your vagina is in good health. (Yes, no need to worry now).

But how is this discharge useful? Well, due to this discharge some dead cells and bacteria that are into the vagina get discharged. This keeps your vagina clean and healthy. There can be usual and unusual Leukorrhea side effects.


A vaginal discharge is normally clear or slightly hazy, does not irritate, and odorless or with very little odor. When a woman is having her menstrual cycle, this white discharge amount and consistency varies.

During the start of the menstrual month, the discharge will be very less and it is watery but after the menstrual cycle, it is thicker. But that is not to worry about, it simply means your vagina is getting clean and is healthy.

There can be a situation when the discharge is abnormal like yellow or green, having an unpleasant smell, and this can have side effects like burning sensation, extreme irritation, and discomfort, pain in thighs, weakness, etc. If there is a change in the amount, color, or smell of the discharge that lasts more than a few days, you should consult your doctor.


When you are having normal Leukorrhea, there are no major side effects seen. Some normal side effects include:

  • Itching
  • A little discomfort
  • Slight redness
  • Vaginal discharge odor is very unpleasant
  • Vaginal discharge is thick



Leukorrhea is a normal white discharge that every woman experiences. But there can be cases where the discharge is of yellow or green color, having an unpleasant smell and thick. The discharge is of this color because of a bacterial infection or yeast infection. It is recommended to visit a doctor in case you notice such discharge. This abnormal discharge can have the following side effects on your body:

  • Severe itching- We all know vaginal itching is very annoying. In case a female has severe vaginal itching, then it is recommended to visit a doctor. The female vagina has some dead cells and yeast in it, which generally don’t create a problem but if its growth is unchecked, it can lead to an unpleasant infection.
  • Burning sensation- This burning sensation can be very similar to a bladder infection.
  • Irritation- Excessive vagina disorder can make you face a lot of irritation in your vagina. You may not be able to walk properly and always feel wet down there.
  • Discomfort in sexual intercourse- Due to the itching and irritation you will face a lot of discomfort in sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during urination- This is caused because of itching and irritation.
  • Headache and anxiety – If you have excessive vaginal discharge it is obvious that you will take a lot of tension due to which your health can be affected.
  • Pain in thighs, bleeding, rashes, redness, etc.



The white discharge is known as Leukorrhea. This is experienced by every woman and it is completely normal. But there are cases when there is abnormal discharge. Leukorrhea’s side effects can be severe at times and it can make you weak. It is important to observe the symptoms you are having and the odor, color of the white discharge.

It is recommended when you have an abnormal discharge you must take medical assistance from your doctor and can even try some home remedies like eating Tulsi or amla which can boost your immunity.

Make sure to never stop medicines recommended by your doctor just because the side effects have gone. Don’t feel shy in asking your doctor all the questions that come into your mind related to Leukorrhea.


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