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leukorrhea causes



Leukorrhea is basically a vaginal discharge. It can be of any color, such as – white, yellow, or green. This discharge from the vagina can be normal. But in many cases, it causes some vaginal infections as well. The distinction between a normal discharge from the vagina and leukorrhea is quite difficult.

But if the discharge is causing pain or itching, has an unwanted odor, and is green or yellow in color, it can be an infection caused by any kind of yeast. It can occur during the time of pregnancy when a woman is facing many hormonal changes and is fragile. Let’s dWhatsAppleukorrhea causes Image 2021-07-05 at 7.17.56 PMiscuss possible leukorrhea causes and about its prevention.


A woman’s body is more vulnerable than a man’s body. And this is a general cause of women being more prone to diseases. Leukorrhea is also a disease that can affect a woman’s body. Common vaginal discharge is produced every day from a woman’s body but leukorrhea is a bit different than it.

The common question every woman has is what causes leukorrhea. There are many possibilities why a woman gets this disease. But some of them are most common and are observed in most cases of leukorrhea.

  1. A woman can get leukorrhea if she is having unprotected sexual intercourse. This is one of the most common leukorrhea causes. Unprotected sex can be unhygienic as well. And the male partner can transmit any infection which eventually results in the woman ending up having leukorrhea.

Many diseases that are sexually transmitted can cause leukorrhea. For example – chlamydia or gonorrhea can affect the cervix of a woman and the result is leukorrhea.

  1. Being ignorant about the hygiene of the vagina and corresponding areas can cause this disease.
  2. Using any contraceptive devices like – tampons, menstrual cups, or diaphragms can also cause leukorrhea.
  3. Women get affected by yeast infections easily. Any yeast or fungus can affect the woman’s vagina causing leukorrhea.
  4. If a pregnant woman gets injured in their cervix area or any other reproduction area, they can get infected by leukorrhea.
  5. Having anemia or diabetes can also be a reason for this disease.


After knowing what triggers leukorrhea, it is important to know about the symptoms. Not knowing the symptoms well, will lead to ignorance. And vagina being the most delicate part of a woman’s body, should not be ignored at any cost. The common symptoms anyone observes during leukorrhea are –

  1. The discharge from the vagina smells disgusting.
  2. Itching in the vagina.
  3. Bleeding from the vagina in between two menstrual cycles.
  4. Having extreme pain in the stomach.
  5. Getting frequent headaches.
  6. Feeling pain in the calves and lumbar region.


Leukorrhea is a common disease among women. But it must not be ignored. As it can cause severe complications later. There are some important leukorrhea prevention tips that must be followed by women suffering from it. Even if someone is not facing it, they can always follow some basic safety tips to ignore the disease.

  1. Whenever any woman is facing any symptoms of leukorrhea, they should consult with their doctors immediately.
  2. After getting diagnosed with this disease, they must start their medication according to the type of their infection.
  3. Every woman must maintain a strict hygiene routine to prevent any kind of infection in their vaginas.
  4. A healthy diet is always helpful to avoid leukorrhea causes. Consuming healthy vegetables and fish proteins rather than eating excessive red meats, sugar, or junk food is always more beneficial. Green leafy vegetables help to kill any bacteria or fungus and naturally help to heal the body.
  5. Whenever anyone is using some medical contraceptive devices, such as – tampons or menstrual cups, they must be very careful about it. Leaving these devices for too long in the vaginal cavity can cause infections. That is why they must change it after a certain time.
  6. Pregnant women must be extra careful about leukorrhea. They must take frequent baths and keep the vaginal area clean and dry.
  7. Women should wear cotton fabric underwear rather than synthetic material.
  8. Wearing pads or panty liners can help during this time. As it can absorb the excess fluid of the vagina. But tampon uses should be ignored to avoid infections.


It is proven that leukorrhea is a common disease among women. Leukorrhea causes very uncomfortable situations for women mostly when they are outside among many people. It can come back but prevention is always a possibility.

Ignoring these kinds of infections can be very problematic in the future. Women and most pregnant women must be very careful whenever they are facing any symptoms. Maintaining personal hygiene and trying to have protected sexual encounters, is always the key to avoiding any infections.


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