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leucorrhoea in pregnancy



Pregnancy comes with a lot of joy and the same amount of struggles. It develops a life inside the mother’s body. But, it also comes with several changes in the mother’s body. These changes can be acute and short-term as well as long-term. One of such changes a woman goes through in her journey is leucorrhoea in pregnancy.

Leucorrhoea is a vaginal discharge that affects women in their reproductive days. The discharge is yellowish, whitish, or sometimes greenish and can originate from the vagina, ovaries, or cervix.
Leucorrhoea can also be triggered in pregnancy, which is very normal for many women. It is considered normal when it produces a thin and odorless discharge with no or white color.


The white discharge produced in the vagina is actually meant to clean the vagina. This fluid is secreted from the glands inside the vagina. The fluid is secreted regularly to clean the old cells inside the vagina. It is a natural way and mandatory process for vaginal health.

The vaginal discharge frequency can be different in different women. Normally this discharge can be clear or milky and can have a subtle odor to it. The frequency, color, and order of the vaginal discharge can be different during the menstruation cycle and on ovulation days. Other than these if the vaginal discharge shows other irregular behavior then it can be a matter of concern.


While a frequent white discharge is very necessary for women, it is very important to identify if the white discharge is normal or due to any other problem. The white discharge in leucorrhoea has the following symptoms-

  • The white discharge in leucorrhoea is thick and white, it can be compared with the cottage cheese.
  • It can also be yellowish or greenish.
  • It can produce foul order that is very unpleasant and unbearable


Other than white discharge, it also shows some other symptoms. These symptoms are-

  • Pain in the abdominal area
  • Vaginal bleeding without menstruations
  • Intense itching in the vulva
  • Weakness and lethargic feeling
  • Headache can be experienced in some women.


Leucorrhoea in pregnancy is a common issue in most women. During pregnancy due to the increase in blood flow and the hormones called estrogen, this white discharge becomes more frequent and heavy.

The heavy blood flow and increase in hormones trigger those membranes in the vagina that produces white discharge and hence, the number of white discharges increases. It can appear at any time of the pregnancy and it is often a signal of vaginal cleanliness.

But when the symptoms become severe then it should be consulted with the physician.


Why the vaginal discharge is not normal and is increased the intensity or frequency, it must be consulted with the doctor. Consult a doctor if you feel the following problems-

  • Burning sensation
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain while urination
  • Pain in the abdomen or pelvic
  • Foul smell
  • Heavy and thick discharge
  • Itchiness


Leucorrhoea is considered normal while pregnant as well, but when the symptoms increases, it becomes problematic to handle. Leucorrhoea effects pregnancy as it irritates women. This irritation can also cause mental annoyance. Hence, it is very necessary to control it. As during pregnancy, heavy medications are not allowed, it is good to keep any kind of medicines away and try some natural ways to deal with leucorrhoea during pregnancy. These are the following ways in which you can control it-

  • Use lemon Juice– Squeeze a lemon and mix it with water. Now use this lemon water to clean the vulva. It will help to reduce the foul odor. 
  • Okra– Also known as ladyfinger, works great to remove the excess mucus from the body. It should be consumed raw or low-steamed. 
  • Avoid Sugar– Sugar or anything containing processed sugar should be removed from the diet. Sugar can increase mucus formation and hence needs to be avoided. 
  • Consume more liquids- Consuming natural liquids like water and juices make sure to remove toxins from the body, hence can help reduce leucorrhoea in pregnancy. 
  • Avoid Stress- Stress can trigger the condition of leucorrhoea. In pregnancy, stress can cause many problems and can even affect the baby’s health. So, it needs to be avoided at any cost. 
  • Yoga– In leucorrhoea, some women can face the problem of little but frequent urination. To avoid this, physicians say, it is best to perform yoga. It balances the body and gives strength to the bladder. It also relieves stress.

Leucorrhoea in pregnancy is a very common problem. It cleanses the vagina and vulva. But if the symptoms are unbearable, the above ways can be adopted to control them. It may take time to control but will surely prove to be beneficial. But, even after all the ways it is unavoided and causes problems, then it should not be avoided and should be consulted with the specialist.


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