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Home remedies for leucorrhea treatment

7 effective home remedies for leucorrhea treatment

Home remedies for leucorrhea treatment. Leucorrhea is vaginal discharge, it is usually thin white or transparent fluid witnessed by women at various stages that is right from birth to reaching at the stage of puberty than pregnancy and at menopause also. It is just a natural way adopted by vagina to maintain its PH value and tissues. But sometimes it is embarrassing to have such fluids often.

Also, the change in color of discharge that is instead of white, when yellowish, greenish or brownish discharge is seen along with foul smell and irritation around vagina then it could be a problem also as it can be a sign or symptom of certain kind bacterial or viral infection.

Any disorder or disease is treated better if it is treated in a natural way.  There are several ways or home remedies that can help in curing leucorrhoea at home only.

neem as Home remedies for leucorrhea treatment


Neem is said to be the most effective herb in Ayurveda and it is being used in several ayurvedic medicines since ages. It acts a best detoxifying agent and thus helps in proper removal of toxins from the body.

The benefits of neem can be undertaken in two ways:

  1. Consumption of neem juice daily to remove toxins
  2. Neem oil or water with neem extracts can be used to wash the vaginal area. This helps in soothing the irritation and inflammation on or around the vagina.

2.Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek has many medicinal values. It is proved to be really effective in dealing with abdominal pain, irritation and burning sensations faced by leucorrhea patients

fenugreek as Home remedies for leucorrhea treatment

Benefits of fenugreek can to taken either by

  1. Soaking fenugreek seeds in water overnight and thus drinking the strained water.
  2. Having teaspoonful of fenugreek powder with water every day.
Home remedies for leucorrhea treatment

3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is always counted among the best herb for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic. It not only helps in treating the irritation and burning sensation but vaginal discharge also. It helps in reducing the discharge.

Intake of Aloe Vera juice twice a day can help in detoxifying and controlling the vaginal discharge

Direct application of aloe Vera pulp or mixture of aloe Vera and water on vagina can help in reducing irritation and inflammation.


Microbes around the vaginal mucus lining are one of the main causes of leucorrhea. Coriander has unique properties of antioxidants of removing toxins from the body.

Coriander is also one of the most commonly used herbs in Indian households. So the regular inclusion of coriander leaves in food can be very helpful.

Consumption of coriander seed strained water is one of the best ways to remove toxins and microbes.


Coconut also acts as a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic agent. It is used in treating rather serious diseases also. It also helps in removing toxins and microbes from the body.

Consumption of green coconut water daily helps in detoxification.

Coconut oil or a mixture of coconut oil along with neem oil can help in reducing the itching and inflammation around the vagina.


Amla or Indian gooseberry is also a commonly used herb with several medicinal properties. It also acts as a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Its benefits can also be taken either through oral consumption or topical use

Intake of a teaspoonful of amla powder along with water daily is very beneficial.

An amla paste can also be applied to the affected area to soothe irritation on the vaginal tract.

7.Maintaining healthy diet and healthy lifestyle

Women suffering from leucorrhea must maintain a healthy diet. Oily food, junk food, or sour food items like pickles are strictly a big no for leucorrhea patients.

Stress is one of the causes as well as symptoms of leucorrhoea. So a healthy lifestyle should be maintained that is having a tense and stress-free life and avoiding late-night work.

Hygiene is one factor which should be taken care always. Brisk morning walk can also do wonders in curing the disorder.

There are several other ways also. But it is always recommended to have an expert advice before going for any of the above mentioned remedies. As this problem could be a symptom of some other infection or disease also. So it is always better to consult a gynecologist first.