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Vaginal discharge is known as leucorrhea. Whitish, yellowish and greenish discharge is usually witnessed in leucorrhea. On the hand having thin whitish discharge is quite normal to have but having thick yellowish, greenish and brownish discharge with foul odor is just not so normal and needs a serious treatment.

Even experiencing physiologic leucorrhea is also sometimes embarrassing and doesn’t feel good to have a continuous discharge.

Vedas cure has aimed at bringing a revolution in medical science by forming an optimal combination of ancient formulations and modern technologies. This ayurvedic-inspired firm has prepared a unique formulation of 35 herbs that promise to cure the disorder permanently and too in the most gentle and holistic way.

The medicine thus prepared is absolutely free of any side effects. Along with the medicines, to provide the required guidance and directions Vedas cure has initiated a platform of free doctor consultation. We have a great team of a gynecologist who is there at your service 24/7.

You can discuss your disorder with them and can ask all your doubts and queries. Our health experts then prepare a course of treatment for you. As this is an ayurvedic firm, our health experts provide you with a personalized treatment plan which is a combination of herbal medicines and diet charts. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is as much important as medicines to get rid of any disease. This personalized treatment plan will be purely based on your personal data and health status.

Even during the course of treatment if you face any difficulty or problem or any other issue then also you can ask our experts at any time. To provide you a hustle-free response as soon as possible, we came up with a number of options. You can interact with us on a live chat system where you can ask your queries without any hesitation. Apart from this, we have an active mail id and to avoid all issues you can also call us at our helpline numbers