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can white discharge cause weakness?




All the females reading this, have you ever faced leucorrhea weakness? What do you think “Can white discharge cause weakness”? Or are you having weakness due to the white discharge? This whitish discharge from your vagina means that everything is normal and your vagina is healthy.

There are cases where women have weakness and rashes, redness in the vagina due to this white discharge. So, when this is normal, why do women have a weakness? In this article we will enlighten you on the weakness in women during leucorrhea, what is the reason behind this weakness and how can this be cured.


The reason behind leucorrhea weakness is explained well in the Ayurveda. As per the Ayurveda notions, vaginal discharge in women is the same as sperm discharge in men. This vaginal discharge in women has similar microorganisms as the sperms have.

We all know that in the Indian medicine system, sperms are considered a very powerful and precious fluid in the body. This is also supported by Ayurvedic dietary theory, which states that semen, is formed as the seventh stage product after a high degree of successive refinement of food, passing through six stages of vital element formation which are:

  • Chyle- from the meals that persists in the body
  • Blood is made by chyle
  • The flesh is the essential part of blood
  • Fat is the essence of flesh
  • Bone is the essential part of fat
  • Marrow essence of bone
  • Semen is the essence of marrow

According to various studies, 100 drops of blood from one semen. For this 1 drop of blood, you eat a lot of nutritious food and have a healthy diet. Therefore, even if one drop of semen is lost it makes your body weak. So, do you get the whole concept of how can white discharge cause weakness?


If there is an excess of white discharge weakness you should visit your doctor. The doctor can guide you in a better way by examining your body and taking into consideration your medical history. Apart from visiting a doctor, you can also try these home remedies that can be taken to cure the weakness and improves immunity:

  • Fenugreek seeds

These seeds maintain the ph level of the vagina and improve your immunity. When your immunity is improved you feel active and less tired. You need to boil the seeds in water until the water becomes half. Take the water out in a glass and let it cool down. Drink the water when it cools down.

  • Okra or ladyfinger

Ladyfinger makes your bones strong, makes your immunity system strong, and fights various diseases. You can boil the ladyfinger and sauté it and then it or you can mash it in the mixer and mix it in your curd and then it.

  • Coriander Seeds

These seeds help in reducing the bad cholesterol in your body and increase body metabolism. To fight weakness, keep the coriander in water overnight, in the morning strain them, and make sure to have it empty stomach.

  • Amla

We all know Amla is the best immunity booster and rich in vitamin c and other nutrients. You can eat amla raw, or in the form of murabba, in powder form or there are candies also which are made of amla (have you tried Amla candies?)

  • Tulsi

This is a popular ingredient that is used in every household. It is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps in improving the health of the person. You can eat Tulsi raw, or boil it in water and then drink it.

  • Rice water

When you soak rice in water make sure you never throw away the water. This water has lots of carbohydrates in them and thus is a very good source of energy. If you drink one glass of rice water every morning you will never feel weak or faint.

  • Guava leaf

Guava leaves are a great source of many vitamins and minerals. It helps in curing various diseases and improves immunity. These leaves can be boiled in water and you can drink them once it cools down.

Taking these home remedies one in a week won’t help. They will only be effective If you take them on a regular basis. These home remedies will work wonders in curing weakness and vaginal discharge.



The answer to the question “can white discharge cause weakness” is yes! It can cause weakness and it is very important to get it treated otherwise it can worsen. Having Leukorrhea is normal but in cases where you feel weakness, have severe itching and other unusual symptoms you must immediately visit your doctor.

This weakness can also be cured by taking some herbs like Tulsi, turmeric, amla, etc which are very effective in increasing the body’s immunity level.


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